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8 years ago from Anthony Blackshaw, Founder/Developer/Designer/JackOf @ getme

  • Ryan MackRyan Mack, 8 years ago

    Wonderful work Anthony. I was struggling to understand where this would be making the saves to a database/file until I found the "Saving strategies" tutorial. I love the flexibility you're giving, but for the audience that I presume will be attracted to a dead-simple CMS like this won't have a clue what to do here.

    Also, would you be able to tell me your main differentiators to

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    • Anthony BlackshawAnthony Blackshaw, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

      I hadn't seen before - the demo seems very nice though and the concept pretty cool, their mechanism for managing the logic behind editable regions seems really clean.

      To clarify - ContentTools is not a CMS - it's a front-end tool that provides a more natural editing environment for HTML pages than traditional rich text boxes. You still need a CMS behind it. What I've presented in the Saving Strategies tutorial is really intended to help those looking to integrate ContentTools into their CMS understand how the output of the editor can be stored. The example code in the tutorial could I suppose serve as a basis for someone looking to build there own CMS but I suspect in most cases it's far too simplistic for that purpose.

      So coming back to your original question I guess the main difference is that provides both the editing environment as well as an API for storage to different platforms (such as dropbox which they mention on the demo page). ContentTools only provides the editing environment - the storage of content and other CMS responsibilities are out of it's scope.

      For storage provides a remote API which you either need to sign up to use, or which you need to host yourself (you can host there API locally). The front-end library sends updates to this API which is then responsible for storing the content somewhere.

      Reading the questions at the end of the KickStarter page it appears you still potentially need a CMS, e.g to manage the creation of new pages, access control, etc.

      So really only the two editing environments are comparable and the best way to establish the difference between them is to try the demo pages on both sites (which I'm sure you have).

      Thanks for your question, I hope my answer helps better define ContentTools' role.

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      • Ryan MackRyan Mack, 8 years ago

        That certainly does. Thank you for the thorough explanation. Keep up the great work!

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