Got any design leadership tips?

almost 5 years ago from Jordan Little, Design/Dev

  • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, almost 5 years ago
    • Get buy-in from all the different stakeholders.
    • Learn how product managers operate and then outshine them.
    • Talk to the CEO or make friends with anyone from the executive team and understand what is most important to them. What the fuck is in their minds?
    • Know what are the high-level strategies going on in all areas of the business. Own that shit and apply it on your designs. Start conversations about that. Use it as your success metrics or your goals. People are gonna be like “holy shit, this guy is hella smart!”

    Another thing. Stop asking other designers how to be a better designer, because we don't know shit. Involve yourself with people that are not on your field, understand them, get interest in their ideas. Empathy will always help you be a better human being and in consequence, a better designer.

    God luck!

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