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over 5 years ago from David Darnes, Developer Advocate at Ghost

  • Simon EvansSimon Evans, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    I like it, although do partly agree with the timeline sentiment.

    I'm also not sure about the hierarchy. You've got a link to your portfolio, then a portfolio item below it, followed by a podcast link. I'm assuming the list contains your key featured projects (both portfolio items and others), but how it's presented might confuse some people.

    Edit: Didn't read the other comment thread, woops.

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    • David Darnes, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

      Thanks Simon. I think removing my personal site from the list and adding an appropriate heading will help quite a bit (as mentioned in this comment). Maybe the title 'Latest Projects' might help? I'll be removing the porfolio item as it's really duplicate content.

      Thanks for taking the time to give feedback :)

      Edit: No worries!

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