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5 years ago from David Darnes, Developer Advocate at Ghost

  • Miguel Solorio, 5 years ago

    It's the dots and lines, I immediately associate those with a timeline. There are certainly various ways to layout projects and I can see that you're trying to do something different.

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    • David DarnesDavid Darnes, 5 years ago

      Thank you for being constructive and taking the time to give feedback. After some consideration I think I can solve the problems you have pointed out:

      • Remove my portfolio item: It does confuse users, essentially duplicate content
      • Change projects to be in time order: This will mean the line has slightly more sense, plus it'll pusher newer work to the top
      • Add a 'Projects' heading: I tried this in the design phase and it didn't look right, if I reduce it's contrast then maybe it won't make the flow so clunky
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