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almost 5 years ago from Patrick Smith, Product Designer @RoyalIcing, formerly @InfinityList

  • Mark Shiel, almost 5 years ago

    Your post kinda suggests there is someone at Apple working like an evil genius rubbing there hands together and letting out an evil laugh while trying to plot ideas with the only goal of hurting Google.

    I would like to hope Apple's reasoning was more about putting users in better control of their content, content which slows down there experience and lowers their privacy in a way Apple has always spoken against.

    All Apple did was allow apps that allow it, apple have not personally released an ad blocker nor is it enabled by default.

    Worth noting that in this way Google itself allows Adblockers via it's own Chrome browser is of little difference to the way it works in iOS. iOS requires an app from Apple's own app store to enabled it, Adblock plus can be downloaded from the official Google Chrome extensions library.

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