Surreal Photos Taken in Abandoned Buildings(

6 years ago from Borui Wang, CEO, Polarr.

  • Sheffield LeithartSheffield Leithart, 6 years ago

    Not a huge fan of the overly-processed HDR look, but I love some of these pictures. The most important note to me is this:

    I quickly realized that everyone else with a camera in this area was also shooting the exact same scenes. I really wanted to shoot scenes that other people had not already shot.

    That is a key realization and is applicable to all creative outlets. Sometimes, the easiest way to set yourself apart is to do something no one you know is doing.

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    • Vincent Smith, almost 4 years ago

      And then, there are two ways if setting yourself apart - either you do something unique and beautiful or you create something unique and ugly :) With HDR processing these abandoned places no longer look abandoned. But I believe it's not only about technique because hdr photography itself is nice but because of poor skills.

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