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    I've started using it because I can't be hassled with really putting any effort into side-projects that I take on because I "have to". These range from a branded photo-sharing site for my brother to a portfolio site for my girlfriend.

    Arguably, I should've just said "no", but even after 10 years in the business, there are some people that I just can't do that to.

    So I solve the issue by using Drupal with a theme I built that includes a couple of nasty tweaks to the Drupal CMS core and; Bootstrap.

    It just saves me time.

    I learned about Drupal at my day job. I work for a company that uses CakePHP and builds pretty much everything using frameworks. We're a small crew, but we manage a whole bunch of sites that seamlessly integrate with each-other.

    The advantages of using frameworks and plugins for us are legion. - (free) upgrades - easier integration between sites - takes away from the learning curve for new devs (since we look for people that are familiar with our frameworks) - faster development - very stable, as you often leverage the power of a whole community (95% of what we use is open source)

    Having said that, we do make conscious decisions about what parts of each framework we use. Where my own Drupal installation suffers from immense bloating (I'm no developer) here at work we optimize the crap out of everything we touch.

    This means that we use parts of bootstrap, the parts we need. We don't include unused CSS styles, unused JavaScript functions, etc.

    The parts we use differ per site. One site might leverage Bootstrap's form styling because we were lazy (or because the styling happens to be awfully close to Bootstrap's - it happens) whereas another might use some of the scaffolding, eg fluid columns, or responsive layouts. And then sometimes you use some of the JS because you've found an awesome plugin that requires some of Bootstrap's JS to work.

    So in conclusion, I use Bootstrap for two reasons: - At home, I use it because I'm a lazy bum that can't say no - At work we use it because it helps us rapidly build and maintain a great number of sites and apps.

    Hope this gets read ;)

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