We Need Sketch for the iPad Pro

almost 6 years ago from Daniel Winter, Designer & Developer

  • Emanuel SaEmanuel Sa, almost 6 years ago

    We don't have plans for an iPad pro version at the moment. Yes, it has a beautiful screen, but there's more to consider, such as how to adapt the UI for touch without compromising the experience.

    But the biggest problem is the platform. Apps on iOS sell for unsustainably low prices due to the lack of trials. We cannot port Sketch to the iPad if we have no reasonable expectation of earning back on our investment. Maintaining an application on two different platforms and provide one of them for a 10th of it's value won't work, and iPad volumes are low enough to disqualify the "make it up in volume" argument.

    In the meantime, we focus on what we do best; a great, modern app on OS X for design professionals.

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    • Daniel WinterDaniel Winter, almost 6 years ago

      Thanks a lot for your honest reply.

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    • Courtney ⭐️Courtney ⭐️, almost 6 years ago

      Sooo Apple Watch?!

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    • Surjith S MSurjith S M, almost 6 years ago

      By making it for OSX, you have covered 10% of designers, cool.. Now bring this to windows and cover the entire awesome designers.

      Please don't think, USA is the only world and Everyone has Mac / iPhone :P


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      • Daniel Winter, almost 6 years ago

        any facts that only 10% of the designers use OSX? ;) imho designers are the biggest target group for imacs and macbooks, therefore their userbase is extremly big and thanks to the app store willing to pay quite easily.

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        • Surjith S MSurjith S M, almost 6 years ago

          Actually only less than 10% uses a MAC. if you found 5 designers on 10 Mac users, how much will you find in 80 Windows users?

          I don't have a reference for stats, but I can say, If you take all designers in my country (India) there's only 2-5% uses a Mac. This is same for all developing countries.

          You will come to know, when they released the Windows version, they'll got some download stats.

          The world is bigger than you think, dear :)

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          • Daniel Winter, almost 6 years ago

            Of course honey, this may be true for india, but I'm sure that a huge part of Europe and USA designers use macs. In my students class we had 58 macs and 2 windows laptops, for comparison. This makes up for a lot of windows users.

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            • Surjith S MSurjith S M, almost 6 years ago

              Yup. Only on USA, UK & Australia. There are 100+ other countries..

              Search for OS Stats on Google. will give you some insights :)

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              • Daniel Winter, almost 6 years ago

                I never doubted that OSX's market share overall ain't big. In fact its about 16% in the USA, 9.5% within Europe and under 1% in India (http://gs.statcounter.com/#desktop-os-IN-monthly-201408-201508). But as you mentioned some of these are developing countries where you might not even be able to charge the full price. And it would only be possible if you would rewrite the app from scratch. OSX provides lots of drawing functions that sketch uses, if they had to redo all the code I'm sure many functions and speed would suffer from a rewrite, especially if they do it in Adobes way for example.

                OSX still is the better OS for designers, I mentioned many apps that are OSX exclusive and have no windows counterpart in another comment. I don't think the market share of OSX outside of Europe and USA is a huge factor for app devs of the western world to be honest, meaning no offense.

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                • Surjith S MSurjith S M, almost 6 years ago

                  I don't think the market share of OSX outside of Europe and USA is a huge factor for app devs of the western world

                  Yes. That's true.. only for western world.. may be...

                  I'm not in love with Sketch yet. because I've never tried that.

                  While I started an iPhone recently for Testing. Now I'm sure how Mac would be. As a Windows user, I might break it in to two pieces :P (which I'm doing with the iPhone :P )

                  The reason is Windows and Mac works in different way. You'll feel the same when you use a WIndows..

                  so, What I was asking is for a Windows version of Sketch to try out. I really interested to see whether it works great than Adobe.

                  Its time to sleep now... Its almost midnight here.

                  Thanks for sharing your views.


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                  • Elliott ReganElliott Regan, almost 6 years ago

                    Check out Corel's suite of design apps for an alternative to Adobe: http://www.coreldraw.com

                    Sketch for anything but OS X just isn't going to happen because it relies on technologies built in to OS X. It would require a complete rewrite of the entire rendering engine, every algorithm behind every tool, the plugin API, and every other bit of the app you can see and can't see, and constant testing to ensure it looks and works the same on every OS. Even massive Adobe has trouble managing that.

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              • Ivo MynttinenIvo Mynttinen, almost 6 years ago

                I can ensure that pretty much every designer in the US, EU, AUS and Japan is on OSX.

                Get over it, you don't run a business by selling high(er) priced software in 3rd world countries where income is low and piracy rates in the 90%'s.

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              • Nate TharpNate Tharp, almost 6 years ago

                Sweethearts, found some data: A recent survey of over 4,000 designers from 196 countries found that the Sketch was the most popular interface design tool edging out Photoshop. http://tools.subtraction.com/interface-design.html

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              • Foo Bar, over 5 years ago

                Insights into what? Business advice for tiny Mac software companies?

                Bohemian is a developer-heavy studio, so a Windows version realistically means doubling (or more) the size of their company, and targeting a platform they have little experience with. The only business reason to do this is if they have an expectation of future earnings is greater than the cost of doing so.

                I've been watching OS stats, and for small Mac software companies, the economics are just not there. Mac users tend to pay more for software, so per-user lifetime revenue is higher. Mac users tend to upgrade their OS a lot more quickly, so there are fewer OS versions to target and maintain.

                You're asking them to write software because you want it, not because it makes any sense for them to write it. You'd have a better chance of finding some Windows software shop to write a clone of it, because at least then they'd have the relevant experience.

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          • Rifat Nabi, almost 6 years ago

            Fun fact is among those 98% Windows users probably only 2~5% uses a genuine Windows or Adobe Photoshop. So, even if Sketch releases a Windows version, 98% of those 98% will wait for a crack.

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          • Foo Bar, almost 6 years ago

            And just how many of the designers in India and other developing countries would pay $100 for a copy of Sketch?

            The same reason they're not buying Macs is the same reason they wouldn't buy Sketch.

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          • Mark Petereit, almost 6 years ago

            India is full of very talented developers. If there is such a high demand for Sketch on Windows in India, I'm surprised none of them has already developed an even better alternative for Windows users.

            Or perhaps demand for such an application on Windows isn't as high as you might think?

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      • Emanuel SaEmanuel Sa, almost 6 years ago

        A windows version never was and hardly will be in our plans, sorry.

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        • Aleksi TappuraAleksi Tappura, almost 6 years ago

          I understand why you decided to not make a Windows version, but it's the reason why Sketch will never be the industry standard.

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        • Dorin FrunzeteDorin Frunzete, over 5 years ago

          but a good exporter to PSD, Ai files? a convertor? or maybe a extension to import Sketch files to Illustrator/Photoshop

          Don't tell me about "save like a PDF and after that you can open in Illustrator" - this operation is a total mess

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      • Rob HaverlyRob Haverly, almost 6 years ago

        What? Is this a serious response? I agree that Sketch Mirror needs to released on Android. I also agree that Sketch needs to release a Windows version. But 90% of the UI/IxD industry being on PC/Linux is most certainly false.

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        • Daniel Winter, almost 6 years ago

          Well the Android version shouldn't be much of a problem imho as sketch mirror would just have to send a png to the phone and display it 1:1. Or maybe even SVG. Therefore I agree that an android version might be good. But then again, what stops you from previewing your android design on an iphone? You have to calculate with 1000+ Resolutions anyways :)

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    • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, almost 6 years ago

      I firmly believe that you could charge more for Sketch since it's an established application for OS X. And the lack of trials is inconsequential since you could easily do a trial within the app that would provide access to all tools for a period of time. The tool could then be unlocked after the trial with an in-app purchase.

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      • Chris Wagner, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

        And the lack of trials is inconsequential since you could easily do a trial within the app that would provide access to all tools for a period of time.

        This is forbidden in the App Store Review Guidelines

        2.9 Apps that are "demo", "trial", or "test" versions will be rejected. Beta Apps may only be submitted through TestFlight and must follow the TestFlight guidelines.

        11.9 Apps containing content or services that expire after a limited time will be rejected, except for specific approved content (e.g. films, television programs, music, books)

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        • Daniel WinterDaniel Winter, almost 6 years ago

          Well they could launch the app free and do an in-app purchase to upgrade. I think this guideline is here to ensure that there are not 1.000 free and pro versions of an app, but if sketch would just be called sketch and would require an inapp purchase after 25hours that would be ok in terms of apples guidelines. I'm not sure however if it would increase the conversion.

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        • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, almost 6 years ago

          Sketches does the demo / trial functionality fairly well if you want to see an example.

          Really though if anyone wants a powerful layout / vector tool for the iPad a few already exist:

          • iDraw
          • Concepts
          • Protosketch (launching soon?)
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    • Olivier HeitzOlivier Heitz, almost 6 years ago

      Thanks Emanuel for clarifying. Do what you do best.

      Sketch has transformed the way I design sites and interfaces and saved me so much time. Thank you guys for the great work.

      BTW. Just an idea. Make a Sketch Pro with some advanced symbol functionality and no bugs and charge 499.-

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    • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, almost 6 years ago

      Thanks for making the right decision. Just keep making Sketch better.

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    • Sean McNultySean McNulty, almost 6 years ago

      Gutted :(

      iPad Pro seems like a great bit of hardware, and it seems like it would be better than any Wacom for most of the work I do (portability, retina display, low-lag, no fucking around setting the thing up). Without decent professional apps though, it's just another device.

      For what it's worth I would totally pay full price for Sketch iOS. It's happening slowly, but I think the tide is turning on how much people are prepared to pay for a good iOS app.

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      • Sebastian Assaf, almost 6 years ago

        I am trying to figure out if one could use an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to act as an alternative to a wacom cintiq? Are there apps that would let me use an iPad pro as a second monitor? iPad Pro looks so much better than wacom products, with touch that works, retina and minimal lag. Sounds like a dream, or am I just dreaming?

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    • xen mak, almost 6 years ago

      How about an app for reviewing designs? open .sketch files from iCloud, view artboards, and export some of them to share, or mark annotations? that will be very useful for design meetings

      or, for developers, they may want an app for inspecting elements? (for color code, dimension, placement spec)

      Anyway a sketch campanion app would be very nice, I think production work is much much better on desktops

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    • Florian Monfort, almost 6 years ago

      Hi Emanuel.

      My name is Florian, and I am the head of Growth and Marketing at Teambition.

      Sketch has made my life easier versus having to use Photoshop to get the simplest design stuff done.

      However, I have just read about your decision not to bring Sketch to iOS. A couple of days ago, I also tweeted to one of your team members about potential support for Windows 10. Response was: nein. Keine Windows 10.

      So let's summarize all this: I now have to renew my hardware. Seeing the Apple conference, the only new stuff that I could buy and be proud of buying is the iPad Pro. Which you will not be supporting.

      Only equivalent that makes sense right now - and that I personally would love - would be the Surface Pro 3. Windows 10 rocks, the Surface rocks as well, and with the Surface Pro 4 arriving soon I would have JUMPED literally on it. No questions asked, I would have bought it. Which you will not be supporting.

      In fact, out of all the apps I use, you are the ONLY ONE not supported on either, but that my company relies on for design. Which means, we are basically all forced to now buy a Macbook Air or Macbook, that not only don't have this tablet/pen stuff, but that are also heavy, outdated, and underperforming because they haven't been receiving any hardware update from Apple.

      So, that first thing, as you can see, does not work at all.

      Now, here is the second part.

      The fact that Mac hardware hasn't been upgraded means something: it means Mac OS X will eventually die. And maybe faster than we anticipated. Which is the platform you currently support.

      Next point: doing design on a Mac is a thing that only Europeans and Americans have "historically" chose to do. But that's what I would call it: history. The stereotype of designers only doing their work on a Mac will probably change, with different devices and OSes showing up. I also personally know people who do design on Windows, and they are very fine with it.

      So, it feels like you are making a big time strategic design for your company based on whatever "feeling" you have users are using as an OS/hardware.

      Same when it comes to some countries, like India or China, a lot of people rely on Windows. With such a growth as the one for Windows 10, and a new set of APIs and development tools to create Windows 10 apps, you are still choosing to completely ignore it.

      And those choices are bringing something very bad for you guys: you're pissing users off. People like me. Who decided we would trust your company to provide the best solution, and right now we are let down. Literally. Why can't you just raise money to hire a couple of .NET developers and build a Windows 10 app? I see no reason. Adobe has a nice business model and makes money, you could probably make money as well. There isn't any real debate here.

      So, here, I said it. What I think about what you're doing right now, and expressing my frustration as a user right now. To your management now to tell us what's "really" going to happen instead of trying to justify why you won't invest in any of the platforms of the future.

      Yours trully,


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    • jonathan bowdenjonathan bowden, almost 6 years ago

      I would be willing to pay a premium price for a fully functioning sketch app on ipad! I'm thinking many others would as well. Kickstarter to gauge interest?

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    • Isaac WeinhausenIsaac Weinhausen, almost 6 years ago

      Thanks for your reply. Love what you guys do.

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    • Eric KarjaluotoEric Karjaluoto, almost 6 years ago

      This is an impressive stance. I’m sure it’s compelling to pursue many different OSs/devices. That said, your choice to focus on one platform, one audience, and one key use case results in a better product. Thank you!

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    • David O, over 5 years ago

      I would pay the same price for sketch on the iPad pro as mac without hesitation.

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    • Sergio Quan, over 2 years ago

      Hello, I see this post has 3 years old and see your point, but now, I'm sure if sketch is ported to iPad, you'll have a huge revenue now :)

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    • John K., over 1 year ago

      Despite being obvious as to what the problems are, your comment is quite anti-visionary with a pinch of arrogance. I hope this has changed since it has been posted 4y ago as the industry has started to adopt iPad pro as a potential alternative for doing "work". One can argue it isn't there yet, but it's well underway and I believe Microsoft has set the way with their surface tablet.

      So the one comment I have for you Mr. Sa, look at the signals all around you and keep an open mind. Many platform shifts are happening. How are you going to lead your team to adapt?

      It doesn't take much to be disrupted in the world we live in and you don't seem to want to open to that option from the top of your mountain.

      No one is undisruptable, not even Sketch.

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