The State of Front-End Tooling – 2015(

over 4 years ago from Ashley Watson-Nolan, Principal UI Engineer at Just Eat

  • Sarah RobinSarah Robin, over 4 years ago

    NPM doesn't actually do the stuff that you're using for the build - its just an interface (as I mentioned in my original post). You're entering in npm run foo but that could be literally anything. NPM isn't a build tool; its a package manager that can act as an interface for almost every other build tool out there.

    For example, I currently use NPM to run a Gulp build system that uses webpack for JS. I could do this with Gulp by itself (but then I'd have to go back to Browserify for JS), I could do this with Webpack by itself (but webpack-dev-server is super opaque), but I couldn't just use NPM.

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    • Simon LarocheSimon Laroche, over 4 years ago

      Gulp and webpack are also essentially just interfaces. They just make it easier to setup once you learn them.

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