• Olivier FOlivier F, 8 years ago

    (I hope it's acceptable to plug my own thing here.)

    I am developing Cicerone.co for this kind of situation. A traditional CMS in this case seems like it's overkill.

    With Cicerone you would write the HTML+CSS with special {{tags}} to indicate where the editable content is. Then you pass the project files on to your client. They can use the visual editor to update the content in a -- dare I say it? -- WYSIWYG interface. When they hit "Publish" Cicerone generates a static site and pushes it to a pre-configured host (S3, FTP, whatever).

    So you'd have full control of the markup, the client gets a visual interface to work with and there are no database or server requirements whatsoever.


    Let me know what you think!

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