Show DN: Star Wars - An Interactive Galactic Experience(

5 years ago from Kyle Conrad, Senior Interactive Designer at Friendly Design Co.

  • Michael AleoMichael Aleo, 5 years ago

    This is really nice work Kyle. Who over there worked on it?

    Also, I'm wondering what the overall objectives are for you guys here. Purely a for-fun project? Has it turned into leads yet? nclud (in all iterations) has been known for doing fun sites like this, but I never knew if it equaled revenue.

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    • Kyle ConradKyle Conrad, 5 years ago

      So it was pretty much me for all the design and dev stuff from beginning to end - worked with Kerry on the idea (as you know, he's a big Star Wars guy), then kind of ran with it from there to try to do something interesting with three.js and some other technologies that are seen as "cutting edge" (insert other buzzwords here).

      It was pretty much meant to be a learning/for fun kind of thing - a lot easier to pitch clients on "hey we know how to do this and this" when we've actually done it, especially with something like this that lets us mess with some more experimental stuff that would never fly on a client site (most of the time).

      As far as leads: no idea! Obviously there's always the business objective of "get the name out there" kind of thing (as with any company doing "fun" side projects), but I couldn't tell you if it led to any direct leads or contact outside of an increase on hits to the main nclud site from it. You'd have to ask Kerry himself to see if this (or any of the other side projects) results in an increase in business deals or contracts.

      I do know that there has been at least one or two in the past that were used to show a client in the initial discussion stages that we were able to do what they were looking for - basically side projects from folks on the team using the technologies and ideas that they wanted to use on their own project, so that ended up leading to us working with them.

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