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almost 6 years ago from Eugene Fedorenko, Product Designer at Wildbit

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    Good question!

    Firstly I should say that we don’t expect Craft to be a “WordPress killer” or anything like that. WordPress is a perfectly fine tool for many projects. If you’re happy with it and your clients are happy with it – great! There are plenty of shops that use both.

    Craft takes a very different approach to content management and website/app development than WP. It’s built for teams that like to have complete control over how their content is modeled, what the authors are allowed to enter, and how the content is output on the front end. Craft gives you a blank slate; we don’t make any assumptions about your content or your website, and let you build it out exactly how you’d like.

    We also put a lot of time and energy into giving Craft a beautiful, easy-to-use control panel, so at the end of the day, you get to hand off a CMS to your client that they’ll actually enjoy using:

    I'm a developer with a heart for the editors need for a nice and productive environment, for a safe and quick platform to work on. I've done this for 10 years, i've delivered projects on top of CMSes of all colors and sizes, and I've never-ever come closer to feeling this much developer bliss. It's just an awesome tool for everyone included. I just got out of a client meeting where the "walkthrough/learning the publishing flow" part took 5 minutes.

    If you want to find out more about how Craft differs from WP, here’s a couple other places where it’s been talked about:

    I also recommend you walk through our Features section. It’s full of quick 1-minute videos that introduce various aspects of the CMS that we get excited about.

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