Introducing Flow: Beautiful Chat + Tasks for Your Team(

over 4 years ago from Andrew Wilkinson, Publisher of Designer News

  • Julian LloydJulian Lloyd, over 4 years ago

    Looks nice, but I’m skeptical.

    Slack does a great job with chat, so much so that everyone is riding their coat tails. The teams I’ve worked with recently use Slack with JIRA or Pivotal (with Aha! or equivalent for road-mapping), which while not perfect, are quite robust. There’s always a sliver of the market for me-too companies, but I like to think there's more than meets than eye here.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall during a Flow sales pitch to a company already using Slack and their favorite task tracker — maybe their strategy is targeting non-agile teams? Perhaps better pricing (paying for one app instead of two)?

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    • Andrew Wilkinson, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

      A little like saying "why would anyone add a tasks feature to their product when Asana already exists?" ;-)

      It was a problem we'd been thinking about for years, and our customers asked for it in just about every feedback email we received.

      We've used a ton of chat products over the years—all the big ones—and while we found that they made us feel great, and super connected, we noticed that we actually got less done. We found that using chat was a little like having a manic brainstorming session. You leave a messy whiteboard and walk out feeling super energized, but then when you meet a couple weeks later you haven't actually moved the ball forward. We realized that if we didn't convert our big, messy conversations into next steps, nothing got done.

      Of course, we used Flow for this, but it was a pain to jump back and forth. We also looked at an integration, but it didn't feel like the best possible solution. Ultimately, we feel we can do something really interesting with Chat—and we've just begun. Stay tuned ☺️

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