Bootstrap 4 alpha(

almost 6 years ago from David Barker

  • Mark Otto, almost 6 years ago
    • We're going to be adding more variables to v4 to help with customization. Hopefully most things can be tackled with just those—it's how we've done it with Themes to pretty solid success so far. Basically load Bootstrap's variables and mixins, then override with your own variables, then include the components. That way you don't modify the source and can easily swap new versions.
    • We don't have the time to do an official Less port right now I'm afraid. Hopefully when we get closer to release we can work with someone on that.
    • Yes! Please report bugs on our issues tracker at :D.
    • We've obfuscated the classes, yeah. It's a Gulp plugin that I'm forgetting the name of right now, but it's to protect us from folks yoinking the code without buying. It's shitty to do, but we've put a lot of time into these :).
    • Hopefully soon!

    And stoked to hear Bootstrap has made an impact on you—puts a big grin on my face whenever I hear that :D.

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