Let's talk about Salaries

over 4 years ago from David Flecher, Designer

  • Csongor BartusCsongor Bartus, over 4 years ago

    Yes the system is screwed. There are salaries in this thread between 20-200k. And on the Expat Cost of Living Index the cheapest city has 60 points where the most expensive has 300.

    But our thinking is also screwed. This forum seems populated by employees not employers. We offer value not location based services.

    200k is ok for somebody who pushes the industry forward whatever the location. And 60k would be normal as entry level, again, indifferent from location.

    Years ago I've managed an international team. We've been hiring for Dubai, Germany, China, Hungary and Romania. On a board meeting we set up salaries based on the basket model. Each country has to have mandatory items in their specific basket. In Romania it contains just basic items. In Germany twice a month dining out. In Dubai more extras.

    Once each basket was set up to meet local standards we have added the same amount of savings to define the salary.

    Finally if someone went working in Dubai had the same savings at the month end like the others working in Romania. And felt like being part of the same middle class whatever the location.

    This is the old school model, pre-internet, called slavery.

    With working remotely catching up only the value you produce will matter not where you live.

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