Sketch vs Photoshop a year later, where are we?

over 4 years ago from Dan DiGangi, Co-founder at Get20

  • Patrick NeufmillePatrick Neufmille, over 4 years ago

    Sketch is still a teen. One leg longer than the other, pimples, attitude... but its slowly getting more mature and has actually started looking for a job.

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    • Dan DiGangi, over 4 years ago

      This comment made me laugh. Great analogy. Haha

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    • Vlad Danilov, 4 years ago

      Macaulay Culkin

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    • alec salec s, 4 years ago

      Photoshop is like a huge tattoo we decided to remove a year ago, and we're halfway done with the process. It hurts and it's kinda ugly but the end result will be great...

      ( ._.)

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      • Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy, 4 years ago

        More like a tattoo you got as a much different person, instead of removing it, you decided to expand it to give it new meaning. This happened again and again and now covers 80% of your body and has elements from hundreds of different iterations.

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