Let's talk about Salaries

4 years ago from David Flecher, Designer

  • Jon DarkeJon Darke, 4 years ago

    We're firm believers in paying people what they are worth to the business. Our designers could be a relatively inexperienced but extremely talented, or a more experienced with less diverse skill set. We don't put people in boxes or give them job titles or labels to justify salaries. They do more of what they're best at and want to do, and we try to balance the team so there's enough diversity and spectrum of skills to achieve what we need to deliver. Salaries in our small London agency as such range from £25k - £50k+.

    'I am in this box so I must earn this amount of money' is a bad way to structure salaries and doesn't lead to a very healthy employee. All it does is take away the conversations of personal value & objectives.

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