We Still Let Harassers Participate In Our Community(kovalc.in)

over 5 years ago from Matthew R. Miller, Product Designer

  • Ix TechauIx Techau, over 5 years ago

    As a female dev I can definitely confirm and identify with the article, but there is one thing I'd like to say about this quote:

    "So, I reported an incident. I detailed someone who harassed me, provided receipts of the sexual harassment, and you want to then tell him I reported him and stick us in the same hotel? While effectively punishing me and not allowing me to participate in part of the conference because I was on the receiving end of harassment?"

    The conference has no way of confirming this harassment has even happened, regardless of how many text messages the woman has. And the reason for that is that it's not a courtroom so they can't make a judgement or accept evidence as definitive proof that harassment has taken place.

    They don't know if she's a disgruntled ex-girlfriend trying to make the guy's life miserable - unlikely of course, but how would they know for sure?

    Their initial suggestion is a fair first-step compromise, and they even ask her if she's comfortable with it. To me it sounds like they're trying to come up with a solution that doesn't involve the law, and that if she's not comfortable with it they'll take it further.

    I've been in this situation many times, and although it's frustrating to feel injustice taking a bite of your life, I can fully understand why the world won't just blindly believe everything I say just because I say it's true. It's unfair, but that's life.

    The best course of action in this scenario would be for her to report him to the police for sexual harassment, and then get a restraining order against him. This would give the conference a valid and lawful reason to ban him from the event.

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