Lifting the lid on how we hire designers(

almost 5 years ago from Tom Petty, Head of UX & Design at GoCardless

  • Jon MyersJon Myers, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    Nice way to frame the hiring process, but....

    The process of evaluating a candidate seems narrowly focused.

    The end product of design, a designer’s output is also the product of - how the designer thinks.

    In addition to collaboration style, I’m very interested in how a design candidate thinks.

    A main facet of how a designer thinks is (should be) the sum of user, business/ use context and the responsibilities design shoulders to guide a user through various contexts.

    I would want to know how a design candidate evaluates user needs (key), analyzes the business context and problem being addressed and finally, how that is expressed in design.

    Finally, the sum understanding of knowns and knowns of a user and business context is key for one simple reason:

    As designers our days are often filled with defending and debating design decisions.

    You need ammunition to defend.

    How can you defend a design decision if you have no understanding of the user or business context?

    You're simply matching the curtains with the sofa and carpet, because...

    If you are doing this work on behalf of a customer, even more so, you have to defend the decision or have a process for gaining more understanding to make a case for the best design decision.

    In a business setting, many major design decisions should be backed by a case.

    What are you trying to accomplish?

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