• Dustin LaMont, almost 7 years ago

    I agree completely. InVision works amazingly well with Photoshop and Sketch. You can even have PSD's with folder structures that automagically update within InVision. It allows client feedback and newly added Workflow abilities (reminds me a lot of Trello). Usability testing. White boarding. Snaps. Live capture. I just don't think your argument is strong as to why designers would switch from such a phenomenal product to something (so far) just used for client feedback and commenting.

    I hope this hasn't felt like a negative comment. I still think you guys have done a fantastic job on Conjure...but it just isn't a strong enough argument and feature set (not to mention learning a new workflow) for me to switch from a product that I (and thousands of others) use for every project I work on.

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