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almost 5 years ago from Stephen Meszaros, Designer

  • Stephen MeszarosStephen Meszaros, almost 5 years ago

    Great question Alex.

    I'd say we took some hints from Circa, for instance if you opt-in to notifications, you'll receive a notification if there is an update to a story you've read. Think of their "Follow" mechanic, more to come in this space.

    Though we are not re-writing the news, our CEO Jordan said it well over on Product Hunt.

    We don't write or rewrite news...for us it's about an incredible discovery, browse, and read/watch/listen experience for users. I don't think anyone has really applied this level of design and technology thought to the space...

    In short, we are not re-writing stories in Wildcard. We curate stories from thousands of publishers—using our card technology—to deliver articles, videos, etc. in a native card format. There are many more card types to come in the not-so-distant future :)

    Hopefully this helps shed a bit more light into how we think about Wildcard when compared to other news apps.

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