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6 years ago from Tom Koszyk, Founder and Lead Creative at Hologram

  • Brendan McDonaldBrendan McDonald, 6 years ago

    100% agree. The Apple Music mobile app is a mess: basic actions like adding things to a playlist take way too many taps. However, the killer feature of a music app is the actual music. Apple has the deepest library by far and makes it the easiest to discover a genuinely cool playlist that I like.

    Also, user behavior I hadn't noticed before: I'm way more likely to discover a new artist in playlist that sounded like something I'd like than to listen to a recommendation from an app and listen to an artist I don't know. If this is true of users generally, playlists should be pushed much more than artists. That does require the service to have great playlists, which I've only found Apple to have. (I loved Songza's playlists, but haven't noticed the quality transition with the team to Google Play Music. Which makes no sense, but was my experience.)

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