Apple Music redesign concept(

6 years ago from Tom Koszyk, Founder and Lead Creative at Hologram

  • Joshua MillerJoshua Miller, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    First impressions...looks a lot like Spotify. Those recommendations with the full screen background/ artist mood...Spotify.

    Digging deeper...OS X is pushing more toward a full screen approach and has been since 10.7. With the new split screen views of 10.11, think more in terms of adaptive layouts and how that is going to affect the user. From mobile to TV, the same app, similar experiences. Because of an adaptive layout, you got it right when you mentioned navigation is key. iTunes still seems to be very confusing for most folks in that regard.

    Left to right and top to bottom are still appropriate methods for navigation [see Mail OS X], but we can do more than that with context up front in an adaptive layout. On a Mac for instance the sidebar can be substituted for the ever present menu bar.

    We also can't forget that iTunes is a one stop shop for all syncing, playback, and management of all media - not just music.

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