User Onboarding: Ashley Madison (

5 years ago from Denis Rojcyk, Designer

  • Beth RBeth R, 5 years ago

    I really liked it at first, the witty commentary and remarks were right up my alley however, the 25 images I had the click to finally get to step 2 of the process was too many to keep someone interested. After about 12 images it felt like they would never end, so I quickly clicked through to the second step. By that time I was a little irritated and frankly, bored.

    I could understand this being especially humorous to people who know you personally, and since I don't I decided not to continue reading. I didn't want to click through another 25 images per step to see what their onboarding experience was really like.

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    • Caleb SylvestCaleb Sylvest, 5 years ago

      If you haven't seen Samuel Hulick's other app teardowns than you should check them out as they are incredibly informative:

      And it's not about the teardown being short or long, the length of the teardown is reflective of the website or app onboarding process. The added humor is only a bonus.

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