AMA: Sarah Parmenter

5 years ago from Sarah Parmenter, Founder, You Know Who

  • Sarah Parmenter, 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, this is one of those things that you just have to keep doing. There is no shortcut. Your design eye needs to be trained and this can only happen with time and lots of genuine interest in the world around you. Notice typography on everything, notice composition. It all translates.

    It's why us designers look back on our work from last year or the year before and cringe at various parts. Your design eye is constantly evolving and you can only train it by doing design work over and over again, in many different genres and platforms.

    Well done on doing everything off your own back though. Treehouse is a great resource for these things.

    I have a course coming out on how to use Sketch for UI design, you might like that? Tutorial wise, I love the stuff Meng is doing on

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