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5 years ago from Sarah Parmenter, Founder, You Know Who

  • Sarah ParmenterSarah Parmenter, 5 years ago

    I don't actually. I find inspiration in random things I see on Pinterest or just out walking my dog. I love the fashion industry but actually, there's only one store that I really get my clothes from and that's Free People. It entirely "fits" with who I am, and everything is so feminine but comfortable.

    Their website is a great place of inspiration but mainly because they're in a passive sales environment. Their imagery is fantastic and the frequency of updates inspire me to get down to work. Everything they produce is just beautiful.

    So in answer to your question, I guess, yes - a bit, but I only tend to look at one brand in that arena because they interest me. As for hair, nail etc. I tend to use those inspiration pots for my hair businesses.

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