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    I have a few. The one that springs to mind was not being honest with a client about the fact my office was in my house. In the initial meeting I had to upsell myself against a couple of local agencies who had fancy premises. I knew they were the types of clients who needed to be woo'd by this, so I talked about my office with my head held high (I had just moved out of my actual office–working with mainly USA clients made my expensive office obsolete).

    I remember working and then hearing a large car pull up on the driveway. I was feeling particularly poorly that day and suddenly saw it was the aforementioned client and his son. I jumped under my desk, neatly pulling my chair in, giving myself an inch of room. I could see through the cracks that they were pushing their hands up against the lounge window and talking to each other, very confused about my "office".

    They eventually pulled away after dropping the cheque for the deposit through my letterbox.

    Suffice to say, I didn't lie about my "home office" situation after that. It didn't crop up again though, as my office in my new house is one I would happily (and have) invited clients to.

    My other mistake, although not really my mistake, was not educating a client that websites didn't automatically translate themselves depending on where you were in the world. The client rang me up (steaming angry) from France, asking why, when she accessed her website from the hotel computer, her website was in English.

    That was one of my favourite (but absolutely bizarre) telephone calls, ever.

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