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almost 7 years ago from Sarah Parmenter, Founder, You Know Who

  • Sarah ParmenterSarah Parmenter, almost 7 years ago

    Thanks for the question, James.

    My Mum had just passed away and I was desperately looking for a project that would allow me to flex some feminine graphic design skills. All my projects, aside from the one for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, had been either gender agnostic or very male orientated, for years.

    I found a perfect building, and I had always been interested in American concepts that could be tweaked for the British market, so I decided it was time to take the plunge and put everything I had learned from our industry, into practice in a physical business. It's been a fascinating journey.

    Biggest challenges were budgeting and staff. Staff probably being the biggest challenge. I had always presumed that if you gave people trust and an umbrella of "we don't care how you get your work done, as long as it gets done within these boundaries" they would fly and appreciate you giving them autonomy. Unfortunately, the hair industry is not like our industry where many people are self-taught and self-motivated–many of the people who have worked for me have ultimately ended up abusing this trust, which has been a challenge.

    Worth mentioning, I came up with the concept for Blushbar in April 2013, we opened the doors on the 17th August 2013, all while I was also balancing a client project for half of each day. It is absolutely possible to balance two things you love; one gives you momentum to do the other and vice versa.

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