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almost 7 years ago from Sarah Parmenter, Founder, You Know Who

  • Kultar Ruprai, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Hello Sarah. First up welcome back to the blog world.

    Question i have is not a design one but a social one. Even before your little break from social media, back to the point where i first came across who you were, I noticed that you did in fact put your self out there a lot - or as you put it 'unapologetically all of me, or nothing.'

    What I wanted to know is where do you draw the line?

    Do you have a favourite social channel or Is there one you won't join?

    How do you decide what post goes live and where?

    Will you be speaking anytime soon in the UK?

    Will you be pursuing any other business endeavours in the future after blush bar?

    And on another note, how does it feel to tell the trolls on the interwebs your age (you do not look anything near the thirties btw;).

    Gratitude, @KSRuprai

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    • Sarah ParmenterSarah Parmenter, almost 7 years ago

      Hey Kultar,

      Did I put myself out there a lot? I feel like I would go waves of sometimes blogging a lot and updating my social channels, to long periods of silence. This was, and probably still is, more reflective of some of what I've been dealing with the last few years, than anything else.

      I draw the line sharply with anything too personal. I don't talk about my struggles with anxiety or depression a lot on social media, because it still feels like a weakness to admit it openly. I'm trying to change this, and I will get there with being a bit more open around it. I'm still trying to find that balance of "how much before you start putting off people who might want to work with you?" - there is a line to be drawn there, but there's also this thing called "just being human". It's a tough balance to deal with online.

      As for social channels, I won't join anything that allows people to ask you questions anonymously, that's about it.

      RE: Posts - all of my posts live on my blog ( however I sometimes post the same posts to Medium if I feel they would benefit a wider audience than just the web industry.

      I'm not speaking in the UK anytime soon, I have turned down a lot as I was already speaking at many of the An Event Apart conferences this year.

      Business endeavours after Blushbar? Absolutely. They are already in the works.

      Telling trolls on the interwebs my age? Why not? It's nothing to be ashamed of.

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      • Kultar Ruprai, almost 7 years ago

        Thanks for replying. I totally agree, it's a fine line especially when you consider possible future work.

        Seeing as you are a beacon of inspiration for most, (design, women in design, speak out etc.) perhaps addressing and putting out these struggles can perhaps help you (help others) too.

        It's a shame you won't be speaking in the UK anytime soon, was hoping to attend another workshop and meet again. Looking forward to the new endeavours and all the best.

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