Well-Designed Interfaces Look Boring(medium.com)

5 years ago from Matthew Ström, Design Lead at Bitly

  • Jonathan YapJonathan Yap, 5 years ago

    Boring is pretty subjective, it differs from person to person because of exposure.

    I'll take website for an example. To us who have seen many design trends and present state of web, things start to look repetitive and boring. Big thanks to adoption of framework like bootstrap and the huge resurgence of flat design, making interface pretty similar across. They felt new and were pretty exciting at first, but falls to conformity over time as more people who are exposed have gotten used to it.

    That's what works well because masses understand those patterns. Interface like Bloomberg's may not be exciting or jumping out of the page to many but it certainly gets the job down because it was designed with the user in mind.

    I would agree with Brendan on pointing it towards boring is a little iffy, but generally I understood what the article was gearing to. It's obvious to us designers that interface doesn't have to be flashy to be effective.

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