Ask DN: 4K Monitor - Recommendations?

over 5 years ago from Aaron S, Product Designer

  • Dustin CartwrightDustin Cartwright, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    Consider a few things when monitor shopping, particularly at 4k.

    Screen size is highly important, not just because it can take up more (or less) room on your desk... There are 4k monitors as small as 24" and some as large as 32". The difference, is how large or small the pixels are. 32" will have a larger picture, since it's the same resolution over a larger canvas; While a 4k 24" monitor will be pretty compact.

    The panel type is also extremely important. If you're a designer first and gamer second, get an IPS panel - no debate. TN panels have 1-2ms response times, but the color reproduction on them is poor enough to really make designing accurately very hard. IPS panels typically have response times around 4ms - 6ms, but I can personally promise you that the extra response time isn't noticeable at all. We're talking fractions of a second here, and unless you're a professional gamer you wouldn't even be able to notice.

    The monitor price and/or manufacturer availability is getting more flexible with 4k hitting the consumer level, but I would suggest sticking to the more commonly known brands. Dell, Samsung, LG, Asus, etc. You can definitely save a few hundred dollars getting a Korean monitor, but you're going to be working on this day to day... Do you really want to risk getting a monitor with funky color reproduction? Expect to shell out for a solid IPS 4k monitor.

    Finally, if at all possible buy your monitor locally. You can compare against other models in-store, or at the very least have the option to return if the pixels are just too tiny (really, it's a problem).

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