Ask DN: 4K Monitor - Recommendations?

over 5 years ago from Aaron S, Product Designer

  • Doug OrchardDoug Orchard, over 5 years ago

    I'm running a Dell 2715q ( 27" 4K ) at home and at work. 4K is great as long as you have an IPS panel. Tried and tested TN panels and gradients look disturbingly bad, so bad my first 4K monitor had to be returned. Chose Dell in the end for their out-of-the-box calibration and higher quality builds. Performance on a older macBook Pro does get hit with a 4K external screen. Overall 4K is great, all the current OS's support it but you will find your self upgrading your PC's graphics card. Must admit 4K on 27" is a bit over kill. Now that I have it, I wish the monitor was minimum of 32" in size as I tend to sit too close to the monitor. This isn't a complaint just a nuance. Last comment to have is that if you are running MacOS and 4k, get divvy app. That way you can have all your apps on the one screen.

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