Ask DN: 4K Monitor - Recommendations?

over 5 years ago from Aaron S, Product Designer

  • E BensleyE Bensley, over 5 years ago

    Slightly different opinion, but here goes: I was in the market a few months ago for a new monitor. I've spent years working with the 24" Dell range, all 1080p and IPS, really good quality screens. I was curious about 4k as a next step but I hit several problems. Firstly, most of the consumer 4k screens I looked at suffered from really poor colour reproduction, this was really obvious on the Samsung Model. Second, the refresh rates and grey to grey times were quite slow.

    I'd like to suggest an alternate route, which is a higher quality 2560x1600 or 1440 monitor from the likes of Dell or Asus with IPS and all those goodies. I went for the Asus 27" pro IPS which looks absolutely amazing. The colours are deep and vibrant, as well as accurate, with a rating of 99% sRGB. It's also about 15hz faster than the 4k model with a 2ms g2g response, much faster than the 6 or 8ms from the Samsung 4k.

    In the end it's down to preference and needs, if you don't need a fast refresh rate or accurate colour, the crispness of 4k is lovely, hence why I love my rMBP 15 so much, it's beautiful.

    Let us know what you go for and good luck!

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    • Aaron SAaron S, over 5 years ago

      Thanks for the great reply Ewen! I didn't even consider getting a 1440, it seems like a great idea. So I decided to go with the Samsung, bought it yesterday. Tested it and tried it for about 2 hours. Colours are awful, you could tell there was a massive difference compared to my old HP Pavillion 23i, which was an IPS. So I've decided to go with the BenQ 4K ( I did some research and a lot of graphic professionals say its fantastic. I'm returning the old Samsung, getting a full refund, and buying myself this bad boy.

      What are your thoughts, do you recon I've done the right thing?

      Thanks again for the advice!

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      • E BensleyE Bensley, over 5 years ago

        Hey. I've had a look through all the reviews and this actually seems like an awesome choice. This covers the colour issue which for me was the biggest deal breaker. There's some good info on whirlpool (which is an Aus tech forum, I'm sure there's an equivalent for your area) which seems to indicate it's really good, especially the colour reproduction, so I'd say this is definitely the way to go.

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        • Dustin CartwrightDustin Cartwright, over 5 years ago

          Not much help now, but the vast majority of IPS panels (accurate color reproduction) won't be able to deliver better than 4-6ms response times. Monitors with a 1-2ms response are typically TN, and suffer from color problems.

          While it's always great to hunt down the best option, I promise you that an extra 3ms on the response time won't kill your gaming ;). Unless you're a serious competitive gamer on the side, you'll be fine.

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