Death to Icon Fonts(

5 years ago from Catalin Cimpanu

  • Chris NewtonChris Newton, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    Thanks for linking to your site. I think I see why our experiences might differ now.

    I do a fair bit of work with user interfaces, mostly web-based lately, so I wouldn’t necessarily assume any convenient ratios between icon sizes — of course there are similarities, but each job has its own requirements. Sometimes I’d go down as small as maybe 20x20 or 16x16 pixels, perhaps for use on diagrams or charts, or maybe as an annotation that needs to fit with body text sizes.

    To borrow an example from your post, at such a small size it would be difficult to maintain the clarity you have at the sizes you show there. Directly scaling down to 16x16 would keep the current proportions and the stylised “S” shape would become just an antialiased smudge/dot in the middle. So in this case, it might make sense to use a modified design preserving that distinctive shape as the main part of the icon, probably at the expense of the circular frame and coloured background. I’d also experiment with whether to keep the subtle gaps in the letterform.

    I do appreciate that this icon looks like it’s used for branding rather than UI, so the kind of scenario I’m thinking of might not apply in this particular case and adapting the design might have concerns of its own, but please try to imagine similar issues as they might apply to, say, icons indicating that a certain behaviour is active or a certain warning condition exists in a UI, where preserving the meaning and the clarity of the basic symbol is paramount.

    I freely admit that icon fonts have their place as well, although I’m not as keen on using them as you are.

    Sorry, I’ve apparently given a misleading impression. I don’t much like icon fonts and rarely use them at all, because of the accessibility issues and the monochrome limitation. I think in principle SVG should be a much more appropriate tool for this kind of job, I’m just acknowledging that in practice scaling down to very small sizes has its limitations in SVG because of the lack of hinting and because of performance concerns if you use a lot of SVG images at once in some browsers.

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