10 things I want Google Now to do for me(medium.com)

7 years ago from imran parvez, Designer Atlassian

  • Wouter RamakerWouter Ramaker, 7 years ago

    Nice read Imran. I've experienced that what Google Now can do differs from country to country. One of my biggest issues with it is that I use a mixed mode transport for my commute to work every day. I take my bike to the bus, which brings me to the subway, which I ride to work. Google Fit knows I'm riding my bike. But still Google Now keeps insisting I should walk, which makes for wrong predictions about the time I should leave and which busses or subways I should take.

    7 Be my Travel Guide

    Google Now already does this for me. When I was in Istanbul this summer, it was sensible enough to show me POIs that were around me, complete with testimonials of other Google users.

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    • raviteja govindarajuraviteja govindaraju, 7 years ago

      Hey Woutner, Mixed mode of transport can be tricky for Google Now as you said. Didn't know about #7 being already there. It never showed me such suggestions to any place that I travelled. I think Google Now UX varies quite a bit from person to person.

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