Say Hello to Designer News 2.0

almost 5 years ago from Andrew Wilkinson, Publisher of Designer News

  • wim roegelswim roegels, almost 5 years ago

    DN is its Content, not the vote-hype-reddit-bingo. So why is the vote count more important than the headline? Unfortunatly I do not like the redesign at all ... so far. Sorry for pointing this out, looking forward to the upcoming changes.

    designer news meh

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    • Martin LeBlancMartin LeBlanc, almost 5 years ago

      The featured articles should just be aligned with the rest - agreed.

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    • John PJohn P, almost 5 years ago

      So why is the vote count more important than the headline?

      So people actually click the damn things so content doesn't reach No.1 spot on the front page after 4 measly votes.

      The barely visible vote link was the poorest design choice of LV ran DN

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    • Cihad TurhanCihad Turhan, almost 5 years ago

      +1 for this.

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    • Willem ShepherdWillem Shepherd, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

      Playing around in chrome dev tools:


      *Update for anyone who likes this I shared this on Stylebot

      Designer News Stylebot

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      • Dustin CartwrightDustin Cartwright, almost 5 years ago

        This looks great in my opinion. It follows a better IA. The sidebar to the right could still appear, and the measly (but important) 3 links in the left sidebar could simply be moved above the main content column.

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      • Kushtrim XhaferiKushtrim Xhaferi, almost 5 years ago

        this +1000.

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      • Nick Perich, almost 5 years ago

        +1 I like the redesign overall and these are great tweaks! At the very least, the upvote button needs to be moved to the right, since it's not more important to see at a glance than the story title. FWIW I'd personally also shrink the story type icon since it feels to me like it just adds noise. I know getting that right would be tricky though!

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      • Spencer HoltawaySpencer Holtaway, almost 5 years ago

        I agree - I'd love to see this arrangement.

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      • Sean RavenwoodSean Ravenwood, almost 5 years ago

        This, this is a much better layout that doesn't confuse my eyes about what i'm trying to look at. Please, this.

        Having two icons in a row then the text that I want to read makes my brain hurt. I think its particularly bad when you have two bright non complementing colored icons next to a subdued heading.

        Also does the number even matter, shouldn't i be "liking" it based on merit rather following the numbers, assuming that articles with more interest appear further up the page.

        Any how good luck :)

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      • Todd SielingTodd Sieling, almost 5 years ago

        Bingo. Nice refinement, this just feels nice.

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    • Andrew Wilkinson, almost 5 years ago

      Yeah this is driving me fucking nuts. Working on it ;-)

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