Say Hello to Designer News 2.0

almost 5 years ago from Andrew Wilkinson, Publisher of Designer News

  • Andrew Wilkinson, almost 5 years ago

    I felt that there is some ambiguity in the menu content language: - Gallery - traditionally means images - 'Avatar Gallery' would make more sense? - Things - sort of makes sense? - Hall of Fame - shouldn't this show highest rated posts? - this is just a list of memorable quotes - I guess it makes sense.

    I agree with you re: wording, something we can change. Those actually didn't change though—same as the old design.

    Random but I've never really understood the difference between stories and discussions. Isn't everything on this site 'open for discussion'?

    Discussions are non-link stories. For instance, like this one, where they are focused on commenting/sharing with the community/giving feedback instead of linking to an external site.

    p.p.s. Take this with a grain of salt - markdown is nice but a simple WYSIWYG is better.

    100% agree! Want to do WYSIWYG as soon as we can.

    p.s. I agree with Andrew... Long shadow?? I guess as an homage to the original or early version?

    Bummer. See if it grows on you. We really like it :-)

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    • Willem ShepherdWillem Shepherd, almost 5 years ago

      p.s. I just noticed the increase in 'levels' with comments (or maybe didn't see it before)

      Thanks for the clarification with discussion vs stories!

      The long Shadow – It's almost a knee-jerk reaction at this point – to be honest I don't really have an issue and find it is oddly appropriate and nice in the top header logo. I feel like in the footer you lose me in the circle, maybe dropping it there would be worth taking a look at?

      p.s. any by WYSIWYG editor I don't mean anything fancy - I like the approach google inbox uses (if it was visible all the time instead of being hidden in a hover/click button) - just the essentials:

      • bold
      • italic
      • lists
      • links
      • maybe code

      I wouldn't even include headings.

      p.p.s. footer logo

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    • Andrew LiljaAndrew Lilja, almost 5 years ago

      WYSIWYG is the worst. If you do implement it.. please leave Markdown support enabled.

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