Say Hello to Designer News 2.0

almost 5 years ago from Andrew Wilkinson, Publisher of Designer News

  • Simon GoetzSimon Goetz, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    Why is the up-vote count box so big. The site reads very poorly now. Also why can't you undo an up-vote.

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    • Andrew WilkinsonAndrew Wilkinson, almost 5 years ago

      Working on it :-)

      Suggestions for improving readability? We're tweaking colors/contrast right now.

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      • Simon GoetzSimon Goetz, almost 5 years ago

        I would say the most important information on the screen is the title of the article. At the moment all i see are upvote boxes. I think a huge fix would be moving them or changing their style.

        You may also want to take a look at your meta data on each article. It has great prominence even though it is not that important.

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    • Andrew LiljaAndrew Lilja, almost 5 years ago

      I actually really dig the size of the upvotes. First thing I see and it immediately directs my attention to the popular posts first.

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    • Matthias Hoyer, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

      I would move the upvote box to the right side. The natural flow would be: Read the headline > Sounds good > Upvote And the reading flow is way better, now it's really broken because some posts don't have the box and some have. Additionally I get a 500 on when I am logged out

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