AMA: Kai Brach, Publisher of Offscreen Magazine

almost 6 years ago from Kai Brach, Publisher at Offscreen Magazine

  • Drew WilsonDrew Wilson, over 5 years ago

    hahaha Purrrfect :)

    i hope to high heavens you got that when i said that, it was reference to the Lego Movie, and not my real actual life.

    Ya i agree part of print will get destroyed. Like imagine Snapchat where you hand write notes to people, and then burn them with a lighter when you're done. That's just not practical. You'd have to re-fill that lighter at 7-eleven like everyday. So i think digital will win where print isn't the ideal medium. But surely think (like you do) there are situations when print will always be the ideal medium.

    Also, remember that time you had a pen pal.


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