AMA: Kai Brach, Publisher of Offscreen Magazine

almost 6 years ago from Kai Brach, Publisher at Offscreen Magazine

  • Max LindMax Lind, almost 6 years ago

    Being a one-man show (edits, designs, and publishes Offscreen)... what are your thoughts on this idea of the "design generalist" role? -- someone who does a little of this and a little of that, not exactly an expert at one thing, but rather someone who's design oriented, quick, and curious.

    How do you feel about working solo as compared to part of a team (big or small)?

    Working solo, do you have a pair of headphones attached to your head most of the days? (if so, what's playing?)

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    • , almost 6 years ago

      Hey Max! Good question!

      I think being a 'jack of all trades' can be a good thing if you work for yourself (perhaps it's even a prerequisite). Being able to do all these different things throughout the day is something I really enjoy. I also find that people in that situation are often more empathetic to various other roles because they can put themselves in other people's shoes more easily.

      Sometimes I think about life after Offscreen and I realise that I don't fit into any specific role if I ever want to be employed. At first that's a bit scary. I realised that I'll probably never be a UX design expert or a front-end engineer, but that's ok, because the older I get the less interested I am in doing the hands-on stuff, and I much prefer to take on a managerial role anyway. That's not to say that I no longer want to code or design. It just means that I've happily removed that pressure of constantly keeping up with the latest and greatest.

      Working for yourself is tough at times. I'm quite introverted and I happily avoid big groups, so I could easily work from home and not go out for days (other than going for runs). I'm aware of that though and so late last year I joined my friends at a shared office space. I try to get there at least twice a week, which counteracts that loner feeling. ;) But yeah, I miss having a team, for sure!

      Surprisingly, since I started publishing and editing a magazine, music has almost completely disappeared from my work day. It's sad I know! But I simply can't concentrate on editing other people's words if there is music playing. It makes me miss the days when I just designed and music was playing pretty much 24-7. :-/

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