AMA: Kai Brach, Publisher of Offscreen Magazine

almost 6 years ago from Kai Brach, Publisher at Offscreen Magazine

  • Drew WilsonDrew Wilson, almost 6 years ago


    Have you had a California burrito since Valio Con? If so, why? If not, why not?

    You know the whole "print is dead" thing... have you ever seen an article that takes that stance? I have never even seen an article that takes that stance. I have only seen articles that say "Every one says print is dead, but NO, print is NOT dead". I feel like Mugatu in Zoolander, "Doesn't anyone else notice! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" Have you noticed this too?? I feel like there are soooo many arguments like this in our industry. "People always say X, but X is not true." When in hardly anyone says X.

    Anyway, as you know print isn't dead and our industry has YOU to thank for that :) Thanks Kai.

    In the spirit of AMA, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Seeing as how you are currently 38, what is 43 year old Kai working on?

    Are you going to get an Apple Music subscription?

    Your student and mentor, Drew

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      Drew! I hope you've found your pants.

      That burrito was amazing, but as I haven't been back to San Diego since, I haven't had the chance to enjoy fries in my burrito. (Do they make them in SFO too?) It surely was a highlight of my Valio Con weekend. That, and nearly passing out with an oxygen mask on my way over.

      Haha, it's an interesting point you make. I guess the 'print is dead' argument is something that wasn't articulated as often or as well as I and the rest of the print industry make you believe.

      I can't point you to an article with that title, but there are tons of journalists that proclaimed the end of newspapers and magazines. You have to go back a little to just after the launch of the iPad to find the biggest naysayers. Remember Wired's 600MB digital magazine edition? At first everyone was like "Holy dead tree, that's the future!" but after a few months people realised that it's completely impractical and, more importantly, it just doesn't give us the same experience as flicking through a mag.

      In the years after the iPad came out you saw a LOT of newspapers dying and a lot of mainstream magazines going out of business. You also saw ebooks and the Kindle take over Amazon and traditional book sales declined. At the same time digital ad revenue grew (and still is growing) rapidly. That's why the media world assumed that the time of print is over.

      I do think certain parts of the print world will die (like daily newspapers) but that has almost the opposite effect on other parts, like indie publishing. Some more thoughts on that here.

      As for what's happening in 5 years... not sure. I could be publishing magazines, or I could be doing something completely different. One of the nice things about our self-taught roles is that we can (have to?!) continue to shape them as much as we like. So who knows what I'll be doing. Pretty sure I'll be a bit old to live out of an RV without pants on, though.

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      • Drew WilsonDrew Wilson, almost 6 years ago

        hahaha Purrrfect :)

        i hope to high heavens you got that when i said that, it was reference to the Lego Movie, and not my real actual life.

        Ya i agree part of print will get destroyed. Like imagine Snapchat where you hand write notes to people, and then burn them with a lighter when you're done. That's just not practical. You'd have to re-fill that lighter at 7-eleven like everyday. So i think digital will win where print isn't the ideal medium. But surely think (like you do) there are situations when print will always be the ideal medium.

        Also, remember that time you had a pen pal.


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