Ask DN: Pricing a Freelance Project by Deliverables

over 6 years ago from Elizabeth Adams, Developer + Designer

  • Elizabeth AdamsElizabeth Adams, over 6 years ago

    So after I posted this, I got an email from the org that said, "Haha! I forgot to include the part that says we also want you to do a website!"

    Uh. Right! Ok. That sort of responds to your point about the vagueness of that request, and I agree that it seemed totally vague/disconnected.

    Thanks for your input, and it makes a lot of sense to break this into two main stages (brand and web). What is weird about this is that the org that contacted me is actually bidding on the project, and they're subcontracting me to do the design pieces, but want to know approximately what I'd charge. There's a step removed in the "whether the client is a good fit" process that makes it a little difficult for me to go through my usual calculations.

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