• Tom CavillTom Cavill, 9 years ago

    My reasons:

    • You control your schedule. I only work 3 days a week (for other people), and use the rest of the time to learn new skills and work on ideas
    • You can change contracts regularly (say, every three months) and therefore gain in experience and meet new people. Your network, as a freelancer, grows rapidly
    • You earn more. Even working 3 days a week I earn more now then I did as a full timer

    Main downsides have been:

    • Complicated tax situation. It's a minefield, initially at least. Getting an accountant is a necessary evil, and quite expensive. You simply don't have to think about that stuff as an employee
    • Stress. You have more responsibility for yourself, which can be stressful if things aren't going well
    • Banks don't want to know you. I can't buy a house because the bank needs 3 years of accounts, even though I earn more and am in a growth industry. They don't take that into account.
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    • Fred YatesFred Yates, 9 years ago

      I almost typed up this exact same thing. I second every point listed here.

      He's serious about the taxes too. Holy crap are they for real.

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