Anyone work remotely? I need some advice.

over 6 years ago from Mitch Malone, Designer in LA

  • Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    Hardware: I use my cell phone (Nexus 5) or my laptop (MB Air 13") and it gets the job done.

    Software side there are two key tools to my remote workflow.

    1. Slack channel for daily stand ups channel for project progress *with those 2 channels alone you can easily avoid meetings and quickly catch up on your team/progress regardless of timezone.

    2. UberConference

    I find that using Slack to stay up to date on a project is indispensable when working with team members in different time zones and on varying schedules.

    When meetings do need to happen i find that UberConference has a great free option and some helpful paid options (with no pin numbers and "dial your phone when meeting starts). It isn't perfect but it is the best I have used.

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