ASK DN: What do you think about our new home page design?

over 6 years ago from Kane Thomas, |

  • Jason EtcovitchJason Etcovitch, over 6 years ago

    I agree with the video being a little too eye-catching, maybe dim it or even slow it down (but dimming would be a nicer touch).

    The main design aspect to me is the blocky amount of type lower down on the page. It's either too much text in general or too much text in such a small area. Also important is to separate that first block of text from the smaller grid of paragraphs, either with a line or image separator or having a different background color for the two different sections.

    Some other, smaller design notes:

    The "What if your emails..." banner could be a little nicer; its the first thing people see (besides the video) and it just seems very corporate and bland. Just removing the blue background and switching up the font to make it a bit more friendly would do the trick.

    That little button in the bottom right is a little too inconspicuous. Maybe have it animate in in a sort of bouncy way so that it scales up from the bottom right? I'm not sure if anyone on your staff can make that work but it would be a nice touch.

    Hope this helps!

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