An email template for candidates frustrated with unresponsive employers(

over 4 years ago from Paulo Teixeira, Growth Engineer

  • Brian NBrian N, over 4 years ago


    Oh look, there goes the joke.

    It's a humorous blog post that includes a not-so-subtle advertisement for the recruitment service the blog is hosted by. The "template" is clearly facetious.

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    • Account deleted over 4 years ago

      But, it's not funny at all. Nor does it remotely tie-in to the service.

      It would have been one thing if at the end they wrote something simple like... "but that would be career suicide... work with us and silly moments like this will become a thing of the past!"

      Poor writing. Poor marketing. Basically only 2 people here see it as a joke. In the real world, if it was your company, would that sound so great to you?

      Just callin' it how it is. Plus, there have been posts here in the past where people DID do stuff like this...

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