Stack Children: a New Sketch Plugin for Laying out Table Rows(

over 8 years ago from James LaCroix, Designer & Founder of LaCroix Design Co.

  • James LaCroixJames LaCroix, over 8 years ago

    I was thrilled when I saw this plugin. I just finished up a bunch of work on a mobile app and it would have been extremely helpful. Creating a symbol for each row helped a bit but still required vertically realigning all of the rows.

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    • Aaron MartinAaron Martin, over 8 years ago

      Any idea how the author is applying the movement and styles to the multiple symbols in the list?

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      • James LaCroixJames LaCroix, over 8 years ago

        Hmmm. I don't know if I'm answering the right question but hopefully this helps.

        • Create the row with the elements needed
        • Group those elements together
        • Turn the group into a symbol
        • Duplicate the symbol (now any changes will work across all symbols)
        • Put all of the rows in a group
        • Select Stack Children from the plugin menu

        Here is a quick video:

        Did that help?

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