Slack vs HipChat : So yeah, we tried Slack too(

7 years ago from Bilal Mohammed, Voice of K-2SO

  • Quintin Carlson, 7 years ago

    We're in transition at our company right now to Slack from HipChat. HipChat's constant slowness, unreliability, and god-awful search lead to a worse experience than Slack. UX isn't skin deep or even information architecture deep. It also has a ton to do with how straightforward, easy and expected the app is to use. (Not to mention the lack of a decently modern visual design.) Just try to search for a private message from someone who isn't at the company anymore, or for something 6+ months ago. Good luck.

    Slack focused on speed and reliability – which are paramount – and added in a fresh, fun interface to boot. The #slackmovement is quickly spreading through our entire company.

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