Beer Value Calculator

5 years ago from Luke James Taylor, UX Consultant

  • Mike JohnsonMike Johnson, almost 5 years ago

    Fun, but not practically useful since people don't shop by price alone - or even value, for that matter. Just the other day I visited Total Wine to shop for an amber lager. There might have been a 50% off sale on pale ales, but I wouldn't have been interested.

    This could be helpful for me if it were enhanced to weigh the relative importance of all aspects of a beer purchase, including facets like how you feel like "trying something new."

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    • Luke James TaylorLuke James Taylor, almost 5 years ago

      Hey Mike

      Thanks for the feedback! Completely understand where you're coming from.

      This was more of a personal thing I made to make it easier for me to buy the same brand of beer at the best value. For example if there are 18 × 440ml cans vs (2 × 12) × 330ml available, and I don't care about volume but just value per litre.

      I'd love to turn this is to a Beer Purchase Helper style tool, but haven't searched hard enough for an API to help with this.


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