• Petter SilfverPetter Silfver, over 4 years ago

    Oh, let's decide on half-joking for arguments sake!

    For me to claim to know anything about Netflix's or Apple's intents in this from a business model perspective would of course be a bit silly. I can only guess that it would be similar to the music industry where more plays means more cash out to distributors, so I'm not fully convinced that growth hacking by this type watch baiting is in their absolute interest. Customer satisfaction however probably is. In this case they would — albeit only for one customer, namely myself — give service excellence by providing a nice product experience rather than dark patterning.

    Let it be clear though; I did this for my own sanity. It's not like I'm expecting them to do the amendment, nor that everyone will like it.

    Since I became a dad, being time aware — or let's call it it organized — has grown to be one of my new features :)

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